HEITMANN Laundry Dyeing Cloths

Old favourite, fresh colour

Simply put an end to faded, greyed, or yellowed laundry. Return your clothing to its original brilliance. These practical dyeing cloths contain a dye reservoir with real textile dye, allowing you to protect and renew the colour of your clothing during the wash cycle.

  • The care cloth contains a dye reservoir of high-quality textile dye.
  • It revives and preserves the colour directly in the wash cycle.
  • Simple to use when washing black textiles or blue jeans.
  • Clean and safe: leaves no residue on hands or in the machine.

Gentle care, brilliant colour—easy, quick, and residue-free.

These practical dyeing cloths are available in two different types:

Jeans Blue Cloths

Dyeing the typical denim look. Your jeans as bright as new.

Laundry Black Cloths

Black stays deep black. Greyed textiles go back to black.

Resealable box containing 10 cloths.

It’s that easy

  • Place black textiles or blue denim laundry in the washing machine. Measure out detergent as usual.
  • Place one Laundry Black Cloth per wash load for black laundry
    one Jeans Blue Cloth per pair of jeans for denim laundry
    into the drum.
  • Start the wash cycle. Dispose of the used cloths in the household waste.

For all temperatures. Can be combined with both powder and liquid detergents.

Neat design: the dye reservoir

The high-quality textile dye is neatly contained within the dyeing cloth’s dye reservoir and is only released during the wash cycle. After use, the cloth fades, leaving your textiles vibrant again.

Unlike black or colour detergent, HEITMANN Laundry Dyeing Cloths contain real textile dye. Therefore, please use HEITMANN Laundry Black Cloths for black textiles only and HEITMANN Jeans Blue Cloths for blue denim only.

Performance and environmental promise

  • Gets the most value out of your clothing.
  • For long-lasting, brilliant colour.
  • Residue-free: no discolouration of the machine.
  • Collapsible box made of 100% recycled paper.